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Tobogan, Or Not Tobogan

One of our favourite winter pastimes has to be dusting off our toboggans from the back of the garage to finally head over to North Pole Peak!

At North Pole Peak you’ll find yourself on top of a large hill with picturesque views of the front portion of Jingle Bills as well as the neighbouring farms. The peak is broken out into 3 main areas suitable for all ages including Kiddies Korner (1-4), Chill Hill (4-7), Snow Whoa! (7+).

Kiddies Korner

On Kiddies Korner you can enjoy a casual slope with some rolling bumps that will have your young one loving every second of the ride. Enjoy as many runs as you can before you tire yourself out!

Chill Hill

With a little more excitement, Chill Hill will get your heartbeat pumping but it’s still calm enough for some youngsters. The perfect stepping stone before you reach the summit!

Snow Whoa!

You’ve reached the peak and now it’s time to really see some speed. Strap onto your sled and get ready for a wild ride!

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